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Many loving hours have gone into the making of our “Preschool Printables”. Letter practice with the saints, numbers 1-10, colors, shapes and a reference list of what the months are dedicated to in the church calendar with corresponding coloring pages are all included in one pdf download of 84 pages! The most exciting part is that we are granting you the license for entire family use, so buy it once and use it for all the preschoolers that you will ever have!!!!


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My sister and I ( Aleesa & Courtney) are devoted to our Faith and to each other. We were born and grew up in Thailand and that is the language our interesting shop name comes from. We have spent our whole lives very close and share a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Courtney is the younger sister but only by 13 months…she has a myriad of health issues but continues to offer up everything for those she loves and others. Her largest challenge is the chronic Lyme Disease she battles along with some auto immune and genetic issues. We decided to start selling rosaries a few years to help her out.