Chaplet of the Holy Face “Honored Wounds” Including 5 Suffrages


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Holy Face Chaplet
Length: 24 inches
Color: Burgundy and Gold
MaterialS: Quartzite Gemstone, Faceted Crystal,
Garnet Gemstone, Non-Plated Solid Raw Brass Crucifix and Center Piece,
Solid Brass Holy Face Medal, Raw Brass Findings


A handmade raw brass artisan rosary chaplet of the Holy Face. Raw brass does not tarnish and has no finishes or plating to wear off. It can be polished to its original brilliance just like sterling silver. Left alone, it ages to a deep gold patina.

The exquisite metal work designs of this Holy Face chaplet highlight the cranberry red Quartzite beads that are simply to give honor to the Precious Blood of the Holy Face of Christ.

The quiet solitude this chaplet evokes gives remembrance to the quiet solitude expressed on the image of Christ on the Shroud of Turin. With Mercy and Love comes serenity of the heart. What is quietly present in the heart is reflected peacefully upon the face. Hence we can read the heart of Christ while contemplating the Holy Face as depicted on the Shroud of Turin. This chaplet is a chaplet of consolation for Christ. For he has said, “He who gazes upon me already consoles me.”

With blood droplet shaped “My Jesus Mercy/Glory Be” beads we are reminded of the sufferings of Christ and the wounds inflicted to His loving essence and character by mankind — sometimes unknowingly, sometimes deliberately with indifference, callousness or hatredness of heart. With each prayer of this chaplet we make reparation for those abuses and release the pains of those wounds from Christ’s very loving heart. When we gaze upon the Holy Face we can see the manifestation of Christ’s love in his countenance.

For another devotional element, I used miniature garnet accents at the large droplet beads to mimic the thorn pricks from the crown of thorns. Another source of contemplation on the Face of Christ

This chaplet begins at the crucifix with the 5 additional suffrages requested by our Lord. And like the original chaplet it continues around the chaplet loop and concludes with the 3 last beads and the Holy Face medal.

*Chaplet brochure included.


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Handcrafted Brass Rosaries and Chaplets with Contemplative Designs 

Quality Rosaries for Praying and Displaying!

Garden Path Rosaries™ carefully chooses every component to aid you in your prayer and meditation as if walking along a garden path forgetful of time, deeply imbued with thoughts of the Triune God, His Angels and His Saints.

Inspired by my own prayer life and the search for God in every aspect of my life,

I began creating artisan rosaries and chaplets as a source of enhancing prayer beyond the rosary itself.  Fulfilling those needs, the rosary became also a remembrance of the spiritual journey and specifically the present relationship and calling with Christ, His work, Our Lady, the Saints and their significance in my daily life.  After having beads that gave personal meaning to my prayer life, I found myself going deeper into meditation with the very symbols the beads represented.  In short, “looking at the beads” became a source of contemplation for me.  I felt like others could benefit too, so I began creating rosaries inspired by my own prayer designs.  I hope you enjoy praying them as much as I do!



The parts are solid untreated raw brass. They are a type of yellow brass known as “red brass” because of their high copper to zinc ratio. Sometimes they are referred to as Nu-Brass, Low Brass and or Merlin’s Gold.  They are highly polished to a bright brilliance with modern techniques and machinery.  These brass rosary parts look just like gold, especially when new.  The benefit for you is as these pieces patina over time to a warm gold, they can be brought back to their original color and luster with a microfiber polishing cloth and metal wax ( I ONLY recommend Collinite no.850 Metal Wax brand) or be left to oxidize and patina for a more vintage look.  Gold prices have risen extensively over the years.  This is a way to get the gold look without the expense.  And I am happy to be the first to offer you these new pieces!

About My Artisan Design Style: The handmade rosary and chaplet designs of this shop are contemplative in nature. Keeping devotion in mind, Garden Path Rosaries carefully chooses each component to aid you in your spiritual journey like walking along a garden path deep in prayerful thought and meditation.

About the Construction of these Rosaries and Chaplets: I only use the strongest 49 strand cable wire marketed as professional beading wire.  I also use raw brass wire guardians at my connections to further protect from friction and eliminate any fraying on the cable wire where it joins to the crucifix and rosary center.  I double use solid raw brass crimps that are very soft and do not harm or cause stress on the wire.  My solid brass jump rings are hand made in the US and are cut in such a way that they “click and join” when brushed together at closing. I temper these jump rings after closing which actually further strengthens and hardens them. I use these for free movement as they take away the stress of movement that otherwise would be channeled to the crimps.  I wear a rosary (did it before it became stylish) to keep the Blessed Virgin Mary close to my heart.  I sleep with it around my neck. It is like my scapular; I will never allow it to part from me. It has these same jump rings and they have never failed. Ditto for the rosaries that I pray. I refuse to make a rosary that cannot be used for pray or devotion.

About the Heirloom Quality Rosaries: I do not use any base metal plated parts or silver tone, bronze tone or gold tone finishes anywhere on my heirloom rosaries. There are no finishes to be worn off from daily use on bead caps, crimps, spacers etc. The metal parts are all brass (as most of my rosaries are). The beads used for these rosaries are ALWAYS high end and are usually made from a high grade gemstone, expensive art glass, Swarovski© crystal or genuine vintage finds.


AAA – Completely Transparent but may include very slight inclusions or impurities upon closer inspection; Consistent coloring where applicable; uniform size

AA – Translucent but may include very slight inclusions or impurities upon closer inspection; Consistent coloring where applicable; uniform size

A – Completely Opaque without fissure layers; Consistent patterns and coloring; uniform size

B – Opaque or opaque and crystalline mix or translucent or translucent mix will have inclusions and impurities; Non consistent patterns and coloring; sizing is consistent but not uniform

C – Opaque with rough spots, fissures, inconsistent color patterns; noticeable nonuniform sizing –  usually not suited for rosary making, must be carefully inspected.


I recommend Collinite No. 850 Metal Wax for my “raw brass rosary” crucifixes and centers only!  For “antique jeweler’s brass” and “hand cast bronze,” I recommend mild soap and water.  Renaissance Wax can be used as directed on all pieces when new or after a thorough  cleaning.


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