Handmade hand bound leather leatherbound journal sketchbook with saint george pyrography


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Hand made leather bound saint George journal

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Book measure apprx 8 inches by 5.75 inches, containing apprx 168 pages.

This is my one of my absolute favorite pieces I have made yet. I wanted to create something that fostered a sense of adventure and still brought one to an atmosphere of faith and prayer when used— And what better saint for adventure than Saint George?!?

The leather is a veg tanned cowhide that I dyed using a series of oil dyes. The dyes have not only rich rolling tones, but treat the leather as they dye it giving it a little extra endurance and protection and helping to break the stiff leather in as I worked it and as you will use it.
The pages are cut from manila sketch paper and bound to the leather using a heavy waxed thread. Manila sketch paper is my favorite paper to use for binding, not only because the color compliments the earth tones I tend to favor, but also because it is a heavy weight, takes ink and lead well, making it extremely versatile. I write with a very fine point pen, and I don’t like to write on anything else anymore really.

The image itself is burned into the leather as are the words on the closing straps. This is done using a wood burner, by hand. It is a very lengthy process, that involves three stages of transferring the image to the leather before I actually burn anything, but the result is well worth the time (and the hand cramps haha).

A note about the actual image of Saint George, I commissioned it to be drawn custom for my shop by an artist on etsy. Her work is fantastic and she is great to work with. If you like the image and are interested in having your own custom drawing done, or prints of saints, etc, I HIGHLY recommend you check out her shop linked to below.


A note about the closing straps— They will be a little stiff going in and out of the slots when you first begin using this, don’t panic, that is by design. They will break in to a comfortable way after you use this a bit, and the oils the leather has been treated with will help this process move faster.


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