Light-Weight Penitential Garment in Purple, Bone, and Orange


1-ply jute with purple, bone, and orange colored beads.

This is our light-weight garment, available in 1-ply jute with ($12) or without ($10) beadwork. This garment consists of one purple center skull bead surrounded by bone-colored beads and orange cross beads. This garment weight is light enough to be worn throughout the day, under most loose-fitting shirts or dresses. The garment is intended to be placed over the head and worn against the skin in front and in back during acts of prayer and penance. The beadwork goes in the front; the cord goes in the back for adjusting the position on the body. Each cord is knotted with three tiny knots to represent the Holy Trinity. Special orders can be taken if you have a request for the garment to be made without beads, or if you would like special bead colors. I will make every attempt to accommodate special beading requests. Each garment will come enclosed with a verse from Sacred Scripture, or a quote from the saints or Our Lady, regarding penance and its importance.

Dimensions 6 × 6 in


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