Moms Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends Set

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Moms Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends, Made To Order With doTerra Essential Oils.


Essential oil roller bottle blends, made to order with doTerra essential oils.

Set of 9 10ml Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends:

*My Alarm Just Went Off But The Kids Were Up Every 2 Hours All Night Long

*Just Gimme 2 Minutes Of Me Time

*No Shower. No Problem

*I Have Three Hours Of Crap To Do And One- Hour Nap Time To Do It In

*I’m Not Hungry. I’m Just Bored

*I Just Stepped On A Lego

*Homework Hell(Per)

*I’m Running Errands…With A Toddler

*Grumpy Hubby

These blends have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.
Citrus oils can be photosensitive. It is advised to wait a minimum of 6-12 hours before exposing skin where you have applied citrus oils to UV rays/sunshine.
Those currently under a physician’s care, pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, should consult with their physicians prior to using any essential oils.


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Moms Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends Set