Oasis Playscape


This is a hand-felted desert oasis playmat with a stand of palm trees.

A resting place for weary nomads or the site of a fantastic festival, this hand-felted playscape offers wide-open imaginative possibilities!
This desert playscape is approximately 17 by 17 inches. The tallest palm tree is just about 6 inches tall. The palm tree trunks are reinforced with chenille sticks.

Needle felting is an artform using thin barbed needles to enmesh natural fibers, usually wool, until they hold the desired shape on their own. It is a time consuming process into which much patience and love is poured. The playscape, palm branches, and palm tree base are also wet felted.

This playscape is suitable for gentle play. Because wool bits and fibers may pose a choking hazard, these toys are not recommended unsupervised for children who still explore the world with their mouths.
The palm trees contain chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) that could hypothetically pose a poking hazard if the trees are ripped apart.

(Dolls not included.)


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