Phantom (print)

Created by White Stars and Memories



Stunning horse running print, 11.5 x 9. Shipping is free on orders over $100.
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This is a print of a stunning paint horse galloping in a dark background with white light reflecting off the horse onto the ground. The print image will be much finer than the picture on here due to the fact that it will be scanned instead of me just using the camera on the phone. The size is 11.5 x 8, the artwork was drawn in graphite pencils.


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I am a young Catholic artist who comes from a large Catholic family, and I started June first, 2022. I started art because doodles can distract you from doing your math for about 45 minutes. It was also something I was interested in. I enjoy drawing animals, people, and fun mythical animals such as unicorns. I am on FB, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can find me listed as WhiteStarsandMemories.

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Phantom (print)