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I began wearing a mantilla in church when I was in college. It was basically a dare by some friends of mine, but, when I tried it, it really felt like a good thing for me spiritually so I continued wearing a headcovering each time I went to church. It wasn't always easy, and sometimes even felt awkward when there were very few other women covering their heads, but as the years went by it got easier. I learned more about the once common tradition that is now much less popular. Before the 1960s women always covered their heads in church, just like men uncovered them (which the men still do). In the past few years I have seen more and more women desiring to bring back the tradition to cover their heads, whether it is with a mantilla, a scarf, or a hat. There are many different options, but I decided to focus on making mantillas for those women who gravitate towards the style popularized by Jackie Kennedy. When I started sewing mantillas I wanted to make a product that was beautiful and worthy of the special occasion of wearing it to church. I found fine laces and lace trims and got to work designing and creating my mantillas! Each mantilla is carefully sewn with precision to be of the highest quality possible! Every one I sew I would feel proud to wear myself, and many of them I am so tempted to keep and not sell at all! I hope that every one of you who purchases a mantilla will see as much beauty in it and in the tradition of veiling in church as I do, and I hope they are an inspiration to many!

Maria's Mantillas is currently on vacation. Maria is having her second baby and will be caring for baby Josie in the hospital for a while. For shop updates, see and for updates on baby Josie see . Please keep us all in your prayers!
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