Store Setup

The First Thing to do with Your New Shop

Now that you’re a Peter’s Square Vendor, it’s time to visit your Dashboard and configure your shop settings.

When you’re logged-in, there’s a link to your Dashboard in the top menu. Once there, you’ll want to click on the Settings tab; this is where you’ll find your shop-wide settings. Within the Settings area are five tabs. We’ll go through them one-by-one.

Store Tab

It’s recommended that you complete all fields (except for the last one), but only the Store Name is required.

Store Name – Your store name as you want it to appear on your shop page and in emails.

Store Description – [Highly Recommended] If you complete this section, the text will appear in the header of your shop page. It is best, aesthetically, to keep this description relatively short, no longer than a few lines.

Seller Info – By filling out this section, you will cause a “Seller Info” tab to appear on all of your product listings. This is a good place to provide any detailed information about your shop, the story behind it, and even naming the ministries or parish you support.

Store Website / Blog URL – If you have an official website, this is where you would enter it.

Store Phone – If you have a phone number to list for customers, list it here.

Store Country – Let customers know in what country you are based. Has no effect on currency denominations.

Store Address – Helpful to let customers know your address, especially if you accept returns or shipments from customers for custom work.

City / Town, etc. – Even if you do not supply a specific store address, customers do appreciate knowing your general location.

Vacation Message – If the “Enable Vacation Mode” checkbox is checked, then text inside this section will appear in a notification bar on your shop and product pages. It does not disable sales of your products, but it is useful for letting customers know when you will be delayed in fulfilling orders, as when on vacation, or even to inform customers of a sale or coupon code.

*Don’t forget to Save Changes when complete.

Payment Tab

This is a High Priority settings area.

PayPal Address – If left blank, customers will be unable to checkout using PayPal if one of your items is in their cart. It is perfectly OK if you do not want to accept PayPal for payments, in which case, leave this blank.

Connect with Stripe – If you see a blue button labeled “Connect with Stripe”, then your Peter’s Square account is not currently connected to Stripe, which means that credit card payments will not be received by you, but will be received in full by Peter’s Square. It is vital that you click the “Connect with Stripe” button and complete the Stripe form. By doing so, you will receive immediate payment from customers when they checkout, and those funds will be automatically transferred to your checking account. Read more about Stripe here.

Branding Tab

Store Banner – Upload an image here to appear in the header of your shop page. The image should have a height to width ratio of about 1:4. The width should not be greater than 1920px and not less than 1400px. 420×1750 is a good size.

Store Icon – Ideally, you would use your logo here. This image is virtually always displayed alongside your store name, and it is usually displayed cropped to a circle.

Shipping Tab

In the top half of this section are two columns; one for national shipping settings and one for international shipping settings. The only difference between the settings for each column is when they pertain to orders. The left-hand column for national settings pertains to all orders being shipped within your country, and the right-hand column for international applies only to orders being shipped to locations outside of your country. Only the national settings will be detailed below. Please, to understand how shipping fees are calculated, read this.

Default National Shipping Fee – The default fee that a customer will be charged for each product ordered. The value entered here can be overridden for any particular product.

Free national shipping – If checked, all of your products will ship for free, regardless of quantity.

Charge once per product for national shipping, even if more than one is purchased – By default, the shipping fee is charged once per quantity per product. So, if your shipping fee is \$1 and a customer orders 3 of your Jesus bobblehead dolls, he will be charged \$3 for shipping. If you check this checkbox, he would only be charged \$1 for shipping (\$1 for the first bobblehead, and nothing for the other two bobbleheads.)

Disable national shipping – It’s unusual that anyone would want to do this, but you could disable shipping to customers within your country by checking this box. If you don’t ship internationally at all, please be sure to check the “Disable international shipping” checkbox.

Shipping Policy – Here is where you can supply customers with information about your shipping policies.

Return Policy – And this, of course, is for explaining your return policies to customers.

Shipping From – By default, this is set to your “Store Address” as configured on the Store tab. If your products happen to be shipped from an address that is not your store address, you may set this to “Other” and then enter your “Shipping from” address.

Social Tab

The fields in this section are all self-explanatory. Three things to note: These social links will appear in the header of your shop page, and a few other places. There is a separate area for your personal profile social links; these here are tied to your shop. And you should not include the at-sign (\@) in your Twitter or Instagram usernames. :)


All done? Congratulations on setting up your shop on Peter’s Square! We hope this will be a most fruitful journey.