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Zero Listing Fees

That’s right: no cost to start! And super low fees on sales.  Just 3% + 5¢.  Even lower for Catholic ministries & organizations.


Customizable Options

Customize your store and your products with easy to use tools and a beautiful Dashboard.

by Ekaterina Martirosian

Support & Community

Easy to reach support and a community of sellers at the ready to help you reach all of your goals.

More Affordable than the Competition

No Monthly Fees

No Listing Fees

Instant Payments

Benefits Charities

4% + 20¢


Listings never expire. Once an item is purchased, sellers immediately receive payment (minus our small commission fee). Any payment processing fee is determined by the payment processor (2.9% + 30¢ for Stripe and PayPal, currently).

*Up to five sales: 4% + 35¢
Up to fifteen sales: 4% + 25¢
After fifteen sales: 4% + 20¢

The Rundown

How do fees work on Peter's Square?

It costs nothing to join or setup your shop in Peter’s Square.  No fees to list products either.

Every time you make a sale, 4% of the item’s price plus 20¢ is kept by Peter’s Square; this is the commission fee.  In addition to this fee, you will be charged a transaction fee by the company that processes the customer’s payment (Stripe or PayPal).  Presently, both of those companies charge 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction (might vary outside of the U.S.).

Two important details: Peter’s Square doesn’t charge a commission fee on your shipping fees.  And the 20¢ is only charged once per line-item.  All in all, Peter’s Square offers lower fees than the other guys.

What can I sell on Peter's Square?

You can sell just about anything on Peter’s Square.  It’s much easier to say what you can’t sell here.  You cannot sell anything antithetical to the Catholic faith, anything intended for immoral purposes.  Also, only Catholic ministries or organizations may sell mass-produced items.

Can companies sell on Peter's Square?

Yes, and Catholic organizations and charities have lower fees than regular vendors.  Ministries that sell on Peter’s Square have a commission of only 1% + 20¢, making Peter’s Square an excellent venue for their fundraising.

How do I get paid?

You get paid instantly! :)

Credit Card: For instant payments with credit card transactions, we’ve got you covered.  Actually, Stripe has you covered.  In your shop’s payment settings, you will connect with Stripe, our credit card processor.  If you don’t already have a Stripe account, it only takes 90 seconds to sign up, and it’s free.  Once connected, you will receive funds from credit card payments immediately, and Stripe will auto-transfer the funds to your bank account in 2 days.

PayPal: When you setup your shop, you’ll have the option of supplying a PayPal account email address.  If you supply one, then your customers will be able to pay via PayPal or credit card.  If you don’t give us a PayPal address, then your customers will still be able to pay via credit card.  When customers pay via PayPal, you receive an instant payment to your PayPal account.  Simple.

Connecting to Stripe is required and is undeniably safe.  So, you definitely want to Connect with Stripe as soon as possible.

What is required of Peter's Square vendors?

There is one special requirement to sell on Peter’s Square.  As a Peter’s Square vendor, you must commit to giving atleast 5% of your net profits to a Catholic ministry, charity, or parish.  Most vendors give 10% or more.  There’s no monitoring or verification; it’s simply a commitment that we trust you to fulfill in good faith.

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