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Zero Listing Fees

That’s right: no cost to start! And super low fees on sales.  Just 3% + 5¢.  Even lower for Catholic ministries & organizations.


Customizable Options

Customize your store and your products with easy to use tools and a beautiful Dashboard.

by Ekaterina Martirosian

Support & Community

Easy to reach support and a community of sellers at the ready to help you reach all of your goals.

More Affordable than the Competition

No Monthly Fees

No Listing Fees

Instant Payments

Benefits Charities

4% + 20¢


Listings never expire. Once an item is purchased, sellers immediately receive payment (minus our small commission fee). Any payment processing fee is determined by the payment processor (2.9% + 30¢ for Stripe and PayPal, currently).

*Up to five sales: 4% + 35¢
Up to fifteen sales: 4% + 25¢
After fifteen sales: 4% + 20¢

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