7 Stocking Stuffers that Ship Quick

With Advent nearly over, there’s little time left to find Christmas gifts.  So, we’ve gathered up a handful of great stocking stuffer suggestions for just about anyone on your list.

For the littles and new parents, a food-grade silicone FootprintChew from Little Praying Hands.


Because ebooks are great but paper is better, Visual Litany has a variety of beautiful bookmarks.


It might require an extra-long stocking, but this liturgical calendar from Telos Design is a work of art unto itself.



If jewelry is what you need, these Gifts of the Holy Spirit Earrings from Random Brilliants might fit the bill.


And for a man or a woman, this popular Joan of Arc ring, a replica of the one the saint received at her Confirmation, is something truly special.


The Wrap-around-a-Rosaries from Apple and Azalea are unique and gorgeous.  We’re particularly fond of this one made of Dragon Blood jasper.


Finally, these vinyl Papal flag stickers are durable, waterproof, and can go virtually anywhere without damaging a surface.



If you didn’t find what you were looking for in this list, browse the hundreds of awesome products from Peter’s Square vendors.  You’re sure to find something special that can still reach you and your loved ones before Christmas.

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