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Replica Sterling Silver Joan of Arc Ring Reproduction

Created by DoorNumber9
4.75 out of 5
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Sterling silver replica historical reproduction of the ring Joan of Arc’s parents gave her on her First Communion.


A handmade replica sterling silver reproduction of the ring given to St. Joan of Arc by her parents for her first communion. The original ring was kept by England after Joan was burned at the stake and only recently returned to France. The ring is a hefty .4 oz of silver. On the top, one side reads “I H S” (abbreviation for “Jhesus”) and “M A R” (“Maria”). Left and right side are inscribed with the letters I and M respectively. Faint decorative etchings are also visible on each side of the ring.

This would make a wonderful First Communion or Confirmation gift or a gift for anyone who takes Joan of Arc as their patron.

The original ring has been in England since Joan’s trial and burning at the stake. It was recently auctioned off for the mind bogglingly large sum of $425,000 and will return to France. To read more and to see photos of the original ring, click here:

The ring has been cast in sterling silver and will fit equivalent to a ring size 7 or 8. Due to its unique shape with the flat bar on top, it cannot be resized, but can be used with ring size adjusters purchased on Amazon or at jewelry stores. It is also large enough to be worn on a chain around the neck.

Read more about the artist and the story behind this ring in an interview here:

For inquiries about having this ring made in a different size or cast in yellow, white, or rose gold, please contact Door Number 9. Pricing will be significantly higher because of the high price of gold, but it would make a beautiful heirloom piece or even a unique wedding band.

4 reviews for Replica Sterling Silver Joan of Arc Ring Reproduction

  1. 4 out of 5

    Brian Murman (verified owner)

    This really is faithful to the ring auctioned off as Joan’s devotional ring. The designs on the sides are not as well defined as those on the original but there’s only one original. This is the only ring I’ve ever seen being sold anywhere that replicates that original. The seller shipped it out fast too which is always appreciated.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Oh! Elisa! I just got my ring and put it on my ring finger. Words fail to describe what I’m feeling at this moment. I’m very emotional and in tears…..thank you thank you a thousand thank yous for creating this piece and making it affordable for St. Joan’s devotees to treasure.
    May God always bless your work.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Siamak (verified owner)

    I have been this lovely ring around my neck since it arrived. Jean D’Arc has continued to be a personal heroine of mine since I was a child, and it is fantastic to be able to have this. Thank you kindly for your craft, posting it quickly, and your hilarious card.

  4. 5 out of 5

    norbeanski66 (verified owner)

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