Celtic Womanhood Pendant


The Knotty Celt

The Womanhood Pendant by The Knotty Celt features the ancient Celtic triple spiral. Each spiral signifies a stage in a woman’s life: Maiden, Mother, Crone.


The ancient Celtic triple spiral has been used to signify the three stages of a woman’s life. In this modern version, The Knotty Celt has added more elements to each spiral and indeed to the symbol itself in an attempt to convey the deep meaning behind the symbol. The top spiral is simple and not as developed. This shows the elegance and youth of the fair maiden. Move down and to the left, we see the Motherhood spiral. At a quick glance it appears quite similar to the Maiden spiral, however; she is thicker and more developed, to show the strength which Motherhood brings. The spiral is also shaped in such a way as to denote the cradling of child to show Mother’s nurturing. Moving to the right from Motherhood, we come to the Crone spiral. This spiral has been split into two intertwined branches, each symbolizing her frailty and wisdom in her old age. At the very centre we see a Triquetra. In this case, the Triquetra has a few important meanings. It symbolizes Woman’s inner beauty as having her dignity being rooted in that from the Divine – her immortal soul. Her fertility is also represented in the Triquetra. Both the Maiden and Motherhood spirals tie in directly to the Triquetra in order to show her fertility, whereas; the gap between the frailty and wisdom branches of the Crone spiral and the separation of the Crone spiral from the central Triquetra all show the bareness of the Crone. Embossed on the bail is the Irish word for Woman written out in runes.


14k Gold, 14k Gold Plated, 14k Rose Gold, 14k Rose Gold Plated, 14k White Gold, 18k Gold, 18k Gold Plated, Antique Silver, Platinum, Polished Brass, Polished Bronze, Polished Silver, Premium Silver, Raw Brass, Raw Bronze, Raw Silver, Rhodium Plated


18”, 20”, 22", No Chain


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The Knotty Celt was established by Andrew Brownrigg.  He combined his passion for the beauty and complexity of Celtic knots with his adept 3D modeling skills to create knots with deep meaning.  With the innovation of the 3D printing industry, he was able to realize his knot patterns in physical form.

Each piece is made by 3D printing a tangible model in casters’ wax.  The wax model is then used to make a plaster mold.  Next, the plaster mold is used to cast the piece from molten metal.  This technique allows for some very complex knot patterns to be realized in the physical world.  Having been cast as a single piece, also means the knots are truly infinite loops, with no seams – an otherwise impossible feat.

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