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Commemorative Post Roe Generation Holy Rosary

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Commemorative Post Roe v. Wade Generation Pro Life Rosary

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This One of a kind rosary is a commemorative rosary that has 6 decades, totaling 1 bead for every Million babies lost since the start of pro abortion legislation in the USA. A PDF prayer guide is free with this purchase that offers reflections unique to the intensions of this rosary; praying for the unborn and an end to abortion in the USA and throughout the word. The Red Hail Mary beads signify the blood of the innocents shed since 1973 until 2022 and the white is for the tears of the women who have been victims to the industrialization of abortion. This is a wonderful rosary specific to abortion novenas or for prayer groups who wish to pray to end abortion. *please note* this is a rosary and intensions of my own design. It is in no way officially recognized by the Church. It simply adds one decade and specifically mentions intensions to end the industry of abortion, any industry connected or attributed to abortion and healing for those who have been or are involved. Thank you!


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I am Courtney. I am a stay at home, Catholic, Homeschooling mother. I have a special devotion to the rosary and I felt a call to promote the Holy Rosary and Catholic devotions after a conversion back to the faith of my birth a few years ago. I pray the expression of my love for my faith speaks to your heart as well and I look forward to designing and creating your next prayer companion or gift soon!

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Commemorative Post Roe Generation Holy Rosary