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Hand Crochet Rosary/ Cell Phone,/Change Purse


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Hand Crochet Rosary/ Cellphone,/Change Purse

A hand crocheted purse which can be used for a rosary, cell phone or change . It is custom made with a flap and button made in your choice of colour and type of stitch. This particular purse is made with a double stitch for the flap and a half double for the pouch section. Approximately 5″ by 4″.


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Melanie is an obsessive crocheter who crochets anywhere and anytime. It is a great way to make gifts for her huge extended family. After years of selling her creations simply by word of mouth, she is now ready to expand her little business. She is a Canadian Catholic mother of nine adult kids who lives on seven acres in an 1886 home where she writes, gardens, crochets and works as the Editor in Chief for Catholic Stand.

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Product:Felt Bible Activity Pattern / Quiet Time Book: Miracles of Jesus

September 30, 2018 Patsyg18

I'm sad I thought I was buying the felt book. I read through the beginning part of it but not the last paragraph that said it was instructions. Its pdf of how to make the book. That's not what I wanted. Please add "instructions in the title or at least at the beginning of the description.

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