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Icon Magnets Collection 3-pack

Created by DoorNumber9



3-pack of Catholic Meme icon magnets to sanctify your fridge.


3 of our most popular icon magnets together!

When the Mother of God goes into Mama Bear mode – you know you’re either completely safe (if you’re her kid) or you better R-U-N. Thanks to God’s plan, we’re all her kids now, and she’s watching out for us and punching the devil (or crushing his head.)

“Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Punch the Devil in the face.”

Because let’s face it, sometimes that’s the only prayer I can get out in between the things it feels like he’s hurling at me when I’m having One Of Those Days. Also a nice reminder that when someone tells you to be Mary-like, grinning while you beat up the devil is included in your options.

Saint Michael Magnet

This Prayer was made up by the four year old son of Orthodox priest Father Stephen Freeman. (Used with permission.) I love how childlike trust and little-boy bravado meet in this short prayer, now beloved by all my children. I arranged the text over an icon of Saint Michael the Archangel and added a watercolor border.

Saint Nicholas Magnet

With a nose like a cherry and a belly like a bowl full of jelly… not quite! Saint Nicholas of Myra was a bishop and saint honored by Catholics and Orthodox alike for his generosity to his flock and his fidelity and defense of the divinity of Christ in the face of the Arian heresy.

These 3×3″ square magnets feature a durable matte finish with DoorNumber9 original artwork and a strong magnetic surface that can hold up to 6 sheets of paper on a refrigerator door and won’t slide off a fridge or car. Magnets are also a great way to personalize a school lockers or gym lockers, mini-fridges, metal file cabinets or medicine cabinets, washer/dryers, garage doors, and make great gifts.


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