Infancy Narratives – Scripture Figures – CGS Atrium, Godly Play, Young Children and Worship

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3 Dimensional Resin Figures for Infancy Narratives from the Bible stories
Catholic Montessori Faith Formation and More. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to customize or create for you. God bless you!



3 Dimensional Figures for History Infancy Narratives from the Bible stories


Everything is ready for your paint or style as you choose. If you would like to order something painted, please contact us for a custom order.


Please contact us if you would like any modifications or if there is another story you would like to purchase from us. If you have an idea for a material you would like to see, please let me know!


Unless otherwise indicated, items are sized for CGS atrium.


3-d Resin Scripture Model Figures fit our dioramas also found here on our Etsy shop.




Hand-crafted models made from resin that hardens into a smooth, inflexible, white figure.  Painted figures also available!


Size: Our 3d adult figures are 4 to 4 & 1/2 inches tall, standing; all others correspond.


Annunciation to Mary: Kneeling Mary, Angel


Visitation to Elizabeth: Mary and Elizabeth


Nativity of Jesus: Kneeling Mary, Kneeling Joseph, manger, Baby


Nativity of Jesus: Baby and Manger only


Adoration of the Shepherds: 2 shepherds, 1 angel, 5 sheep


Presentation in the Temple: Joseph, Mary, movable baby, Simeon, Anna, turtle dove offering


Adoration of the Magi: 3 Kings, Mary, Baby


Flight into Egypt: Mary, Baby, Joseph (no donkey is mentioned in Scripture)

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Adoration of the Magi Figures, Adoration of the Shepherds Figures, Annunication Figures, Flight into Egypt Figures, Nativity Figures, Presentation Figures, Visitation Figures


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Infancy Narratives – Scripture Figures – CGS Atrium, Godly Play, Young Children and Worship