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Sacred History Chart of the Three Key Moments of Salvation History

Printable pdf file is available separately.
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Sacred History Chart of the Three Key Moments of Salvation History

14 inches tall by 20 inches wide – working spaces is 13 inches tall with 1-inch tall pocket along the top for inserting a dowel or other item for hanging. Button holes for hooks are also sewn in (please request if you would prefer not to have these).

Select Cotton (lightweight) or Cotton/Linen Canvas (a more firm fabric)

Both options will have the green flap sewn on along the top at the far right.

Printable pdf file is available separately.


Fabric poster with a moveable green flap

Three Moments of Sacred History
Creation  (black ink)
Redemption  (red ink)
Parousia  (red ink)

Text Statements
White End (left side) A plan has always existed in the mind of God to bring all people and all creation into fullness of life in God’s kingdom.

White End (right side under green flap) Parousia

Green Flap (right side on green flap)
God will be all in all and his kingdom will have no end.

Diagonal Line
From Creation to Redemption – the line is black
Old Testament (written in black)
From Redemption to Parousia – the line is red
New Testament (written in red)



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Cotton, Linen Cotton Canvas




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Sample Three Moments Chart for Salvation History
Sacred History Chart – Three Moments Chart – CGS Atrium