Set № 587 (Colorful edition) – (up to 35oz=up to 1kg)= $88.00 USD including worldwide shipping


Set № 587 (Colorful edition) – (up to 35oz=up to 1kg)= $88.00 USD including worldwide shipping and all fees

Set consists of 21 beautiful pure beeswax candles roses colored with 3 different colors(red,biege,pink). (You will recieve the same colors as it is shown on photo)

Each candle has a nice scent of natural honey product.We use best quality non toxic dyes which helps to keep original scent of pure beeswax.

Rose candles are 5/4cm=1.96″/1.57″
Each rose candle may burn more than 3 hours

Tulips candles are 6/4cm=2.1″/1.6″
Each tulip candle may burn around 4 hours
Each tulip candle weighs 50g= 1.7oz

21 candles cost $88.00 USD including worldwide shipping and all fees.

These candles are excellent for gifts,home décor,etc.
Natural beeswax candles burn slower than paraffin candles, it releases no toxic fumes and as a bonus, it diffuses a slight smell of honey.

Our candles are made from 100% pure natural beeswax and we use best quality dyes only.

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