The Twelve Apostles Calendar Cards (Instant download)

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Help children learn about the 12 Apostles with Calendar Cards. Download the PDF and print out the 31 cards to have a month’s worth of lessons about the 12 Apostles. Each day learn about one of Jesus’ twelve Apostles. The front of the card includes an attractive piece of artwork depicting the Apostle. On the reverse of the card, there are facts and information about the Apostle. A great resource for homeschooling and Catholic classrooms.


The Apostles Calendar Cards are a great way to introduce children to the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Through 31 days of calendar cards, children are provided fascinating information about each of the 12 apostles. There are two cards for each apostle which provide biographical information about the apostle, the apostle’s feast day, some patronages and symbols of the apostle, and what the apostle did after Pentecost.

The front of the calendar card has a piece of artwork which depicts the apostle, and the reverse side includes information on the apostle. Information about the artwork used on the cards, including the artist, year of composition, and current location of the artwork, is found in a table at the end of these calendar cards. The Apostles’ Creed is also included on a separate sheet which is suitable for printing out and displaying. There are 31 cards in the set.

This is an instant download of a PDF. To assemble the cards, a printer is necessary. There are a total of 17 pages in the PDF.



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Message Letters from the Saints

My name is David Ward, and I have always been a big fan of real letters delivered to the mailbox. I remember as a child getting so excited to receive mail addressed to me. Magazines. Free things I had written for. Sometimes it was a card. Other times, it was an actual letter. It was a thrill to open up a card or letter and read the contents. As I grew older, I corresponded with friends of mine. And just like when I was younger, it was fun to open their letters.

I am also a convert to the Catholic Church who through my journey of faith has been guided and helped by many saints. Every step of the way before I entered the Church in 2001 and since then, I have grown in my devotion to our brothers and sisters in Heaven who are cheering us on. I have been able to understand that there is so much we can learn from the saints and that they are a great source of encouragement.

Starting with my reading the letters of St. Ignatius of Antioch, who lived in the First Century, I have been helped by the writings of the saints. I am thrilled to be able to share the powerful writing of the saints through actual letters which they wrote. Just as their writings have changed me, I know that the letters of the saints can make a difference in your family’s and your life and faith.

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The Twelve Apostles Calendar Cards (Instant download)