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Thank you for visiting! Located in Loveland, Colorado, Roman Catholic distributes Giclee prints from the scratchboard art of local artist Mrs. Michelle Miller. Scratchboard is a clay board with an ink overlay. The image is "scratched", or cut, by removing the ink to reveal the clay underneath. Each piece of artwork is then lightly colored with a watercolor wash. It can take months to create one piece of art-carefully laying each line and developing the image. The Giclee process for the scratchboard also provides it's own special challenges, as the remaining ink has a glare and the image is low relief. After nearly a year of searching for solutions, we found a fine art printer with the proper lighting, camera, and lens capabilities to reproduce these unique artworks accurately. These Giclee prints are printed on archival paper with archival inks. Each print is made using the EXACT same process as Giclee prints in fine art galleries and museums around the world. We keep our pricing low to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to own museum quality fine art for their home, and to encourage everyone to show their faith on their walls at home and in the office. Roman Catholic Artworks is proud to make these unique and inspiring artworks available for purchase.

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