4 X 4 Saint Therese of Lisieux Byzantine folk icon print on wood

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4 X 4 Saint Therese icon on wood.

Handmade in 5-7 days


Saint Therese of Lisieux was a cloistered Carmelite nun in France whose autobiography, The Story of a Soul, lit the Catholic world on fire. She likened the saints to giants, like redwood trees. She never thought she could possibly be giant like them. She was but a little flower, living in their midst, off of the divine sunshine that made its way through their mighty branches down to the forest floor to her. Her spirituality was called ‘The Little Way’ and was about being little and insignificant and yet still making your way to heaven by doing little things with great love. Offering up little sacrifices and crosses that came upon you during daily living. Loving God with the love that a little child has for their father.

She died at 24, a very painful death both physically and spiritually of tuberculosis. A few years later, her book was published and enjoyed Harry Potter levels of popularity. The Catholic Church officially recognized her as a saint and a Doctor of the Church. The Little Flower, by excepting and embracing her smallness, grew into a Redwood

Now she is known as a powerful intercessor who sends roses with her answered prayers.

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in the back.  Other sizes available.  Please allow up to one week for artisaning.


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4 X 4 Saint Therese of Lisieux Byzantine folk icon print on wood