Bear Votive Candle

Created by Hearts of Healing



These 100% beeswax candles are hand poured from locally sourced beeswax which has a delightful aroma of honey. 

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These 100% beeswax candles are hand poured from locally sourced wax which has a delightful aroma of honey. Measuring in at 2.5 inch tall, this little bear is the perfect first birthday candle, addition to gift packages, or stocking stuffer.  


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Message Hearts of Healing

A few years ago some local beeswax came into our lives and things just haven’t been the same… Things started out small with just a couple types of candles, added a few more as people requested and now we are shipping throughout the US. All candles are made with natural wick and 100% locally sourced beeswax that smells as sweet as the honey it is made alongside. Our 7 children have taken quite a liking to helping with the business, cutting wick being their favorite part! We see our ministry reaching far beyond the walls the candles are made in: Connecting with the home bound, supporting Catholic fundraisers, embellishing other crafters’ gift packages, supporting young Catholic entrepreneurs, and providing consistent selling product for Catholic large and small businesses through wholesale accounts. Thank you for supporting us and our family!

Bear Votive Candle