Holy Water Guardian Angel

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Holy Water Guardian Angel



Necessity is, in fact, the mother of invention. Mix that with a little “endearing inspiration” and you might be on to something, well, magical.

We’ve been blessing our kids w/ Holy Water every night since they were born (We need all the help we can get). Over time, it has become part of our going-to-bed ritual. An anchor, if you will, of winding down into a peaceful sleep.

In typical mommy genius, killing two birds with one stone, we developed our Holy Water Guardian Angel.

We realized it was the perfect baptism or baby shower gift. It should be the first thing on every registry. The one thing the kids wouldn’t have outgrown or worn out already. We started thinking why someone hadn’t given this to us from the beginning?

Well, because nobody had made it. So we did.

We hope our little Holy Water Guardian Angel finds it’s place in your home too.

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Blue, Gray, Pink


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Holy Water Guardian Angel