We developed The Original Holy Water Guardian Angel. We've been blessing our kids w/ Holy Water every night since they were born (We need all the help we can get). Now that they are a little bigger it has become part of our going to bed ritual. So obviously, once they've run through the litany of; "I haven't brushed my teeth.",  "Can I have a glass of water.", & "Now, I have to go to the bathroom."... we finally get to "Papi, y el agua bendita?" (Daddy, and the Holy Water?). On comes the ensuing rush to find the little bottle of Holy Water from wherever it was set the night before. Praying to find it quickly as to not have to start the ritual again... I find the Holy Water and rush back. We say our prayers. Then, I bless them with Holy Water. As they request the I not go to sleep but rather watch them, Mommy walks in to explain that even though we'll be in the room next door, they are not alone... "Your guardian angels are watching over you."... kiss them good night and we read them to sleep. As I leave the room, I turn off the light and walk back to my room to pick where I'm going to hide the little bottle of Holy Water from myself this time. In all her wisdom, Mommy started thinking, 'we need a dedicated Holy Water holder'. In searching online we couldn't find anything we liked. That turned into a family weekend project that turned into this. The Holy Water Guardian Angel was born. In typical mommy genius, killing two birds with one stone, we'd added the perfect accessory to our little nest. Over time, we started thinking why someone hadn't given this to us from the beginning? It was the perfect baptism or baby shower gift. The one thing that we'd still be using years later. Well because nobody had made it. And we had. We genuinely want everyone to have one. Thanks for visiting. #nstng4ever

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