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The House of Hope International retreat center has provided meals for numerous religious order members in need of rest.  In this context of ministry and hospitality, House volunteers including Dr. Denise Marie Mari, clinician Lynn Knapke, MA, IAPOC, CHES & Chef Aaron Shaun Brennan have learned much about saintly founders and friends of religious communities in the USA & abroad; and received stories through convent and monastery kitchen personnel.  The House of Hope Int’l kitchen began to prepare relatively unknown recipes to satisfy the tastes of guests.  Not only does this one-of-a-kind Cookbook contain religious order founder facts and original recipes but also special bonus material such as founder quotes, kitchen songs, food proverbs, cooking jokes, and religious order blessings/meal prayers.  We hope this Cookbook will draw readers to the Heart of Jesus the Divine Chef, the best power source for clergy/religious and lay people who wish to serve with love from the kitchen to the dining table and beyond.

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House of Hope International Cookbook