Every card has small red sliding windows to mark off your progress while you go!

Pack of Three – Guide to Mass, Rosary and Confession

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Hands-on pictorial guides to the mass, rosary and confession designed to invite children into these three building blocks of the faith.


Best value for our most popular church cards.
One each of:
My Guide to the Catholic Mass with Pictures
My Steps To Pray the Rosary
My Steps to Confession


A picture guide describing the order of the Catholic Mass. Cards are purple with one large image, 6 small images that suggest participation during the Mass, and 15 small windows with red pull-down sliders. Each of the 15 small windows contains a simple description of the sequential parts of the Mass, reflected using pictures. The red slider is pulled down as you progress through the Mass.

A great guide for children or anyone who would like to follow the activities during a Catholic Mass!


Praying the rosary has never been easier!
The tactile manipulation of closing the red windows is highly motivating for children and adults. Simply close the window each time you say a prayer.

Say the prayers on Row 1
Repeat rows 2, 3, and 4 for a total of 5 times to say a full rosary, or fewer times to say a condensed rosary.
Finish with prayers on row 5.

All prayers are listed on the back of the card. Every mystery, with the recommended day of the week, is also on the back of the card. Very user friendly. People ‘on the go’ like this because the visual of closed windows helps track your place if you get interrupted.

Great for preschoolers and young children to pray along with parents. This card is very versatile for any age: children, adults, someone learning the rosary, those who like to check off their progress, and people without good fine motor ability to use traditional rosary beads.


My Steps To Confession is the ideal tool to break down the parts of confession in a simple, easy to follow format. The simple words and colorful pictures take away anxiety for nervous people of any age, from 1st confessors to repeat users.

Use as a guide to review, practice, and prepare before confession and/or take into the confessional with you. The guide includes each step in the confessional as well as reflection time for examination of consciousness and the words for the Act of Contrition.

Each card includes 15 windows with red sliders, one for each step in the confession process. Confessors find it easy to close the windows as they finish each step.


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Pack of Three – Guide to Mass, Rosary and Confession