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Created to help our own daughter stay focused at mass, we have developed a wide range of hands-on step by step guides which are drawing children into the mass, family rosaries, and the sacrament of reconciliation. As tutors for adults with special needs, we are partnering with our special needs clients to make these kid-friendly guides that have been sold in 32 states and counting. We are committed to growing the faith by providing resources to help young families excite their children to grow their faith. Our Story: One Sunday, Denise’s five-year-old daughter voiced curiosity about the worship service they had been attending for years. Little Julianne kept asking, “What happens next?” When will this be over?” and that led to the creation of … ‘My Guide to the Catholic Mass’. This became a hit with Julianne. The tactile act of closing a window on the card, after each step of the mass is completed helped Julianne anticipate and better participate in the mass. As a bonus, it allowed Mom to focus on the Mass herself!

Denise is an active member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano, Texas where she has been teaching faith formation for many years. She uses these guides in her special needs classes and made a whole set for every child in her daughter’s 1st-grade class. After children received their personal mass guide, they were seen in mass using the guide to follow along.

Denise received her undergraduate degree in special education from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to obtain a Master of Education degree, with emphasis on special education transition planning, from the University of North Texas.

This background in special education gives Denise a solid foundation of teaching strategies for diverse populations. Her real passion, however, comes from applying that knowledge to help others achieve their goals. After several years of teaching in public schools, Denise began tutoring special needs adults. Through these experiences, Denise has developed the ability to synthesize tasks into meaningful steps so that clients are able to accomplish their goals.
My Steps To the Catholic Mass worked so well that Denise started the company ‘My Steps To’ in the summer of 2016, and is using the window card format to help solve a variety of problems. Overcoming kids fear of reconciliation by clarifying the process, a colorful invitation to the rosary, a daily checklist for toddlers to get ready for school and bed and a  step by step guide to the mass are among the challenges we have addressed so far. Denise is able to customize these cards for the specific needs of any population. We are also pleased to partner with our adults with special needs clients to make our products.

Every card has small red sliding windows to mark off your progress while you go!
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