Bethlehem's Baby

When my husband and I got married we made a promise to strive for holiness, for ourselves and for each other. The thought of keeping up with my prayer life, maintaining a happy and holy relationship, keeping my family full of faith and close to God, and teaching them about the Catholic church all while working and taking care of children honestly scared me, though. This anxiety lead me to the Holy Family, to the inspiration for all families, the perfect family: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The Holy Family is an amazing, literally perfect model of family; this family is a family full of prayer, grace, love, faith, and so much more. This is where my idea for Bethlehem's Baby came from. My goal is to help families model the Holy Family in their every day lives. I work so you can be confident in creating a faithful, prayerful, beautiful family. My life goal is that God will be the center of each and every family. At Bethlehem's Baby I hand design and create tools to help you teach your children about God and prayer so that you can feel confident in raising your children in a faithful, religious way. God Bless. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, pray for us that we may become a holy family.

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