Celtic Sailor Knot

Created by The Knotty Celt


An ancient knot given by Celtic sailors to their loved ones when out at sea for months at a time. This knot has elements signifying the union of two lives in harmony, friendship, affection and deep love.



The Sailor Knot is of an ancient design originating amongst Celtic sailors who would often spend many months at sea away from their loved ones. As a memento for his beloved ashore, a sailor would weave such a knot out of rope. While the knot itself is a single never-ending plait, it is divided into two distinct sides. The elements of each side are made from their respective side of the same loop. This symbolizes the blending of two individual lives into a single life of common purpose. Among the strongest of knots when tied with rope, it represents a bond that only grows stronger over time and under tension. Two hearts can be seen, encircled with a ring, indicative of a wedding band, supported by four corners, symbolizing harmony, friendship, affection and deep love.

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14k Gold, 14k Gold Plated, 14k Rose Gold, 14k Rose Gold Plated, 14k White Gold, 18k Gold, 18k Gold Plated, Antique Silver, Platinum, Polished Brass, Polished Bronze, Polished Silver, Premium Silver, Raw Brass, Raw Bronze, Raw Silver, Rhodium Plated


16”, 18”, 20”, 22", No Chain


1.7mm diameter chain, 3mm diameter chain, No Chain


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The Knotty Celt was established by Andrew Brownrigg.  He combined his passion for the beauty and complexity of Celtic knots with his adept 3D modeling skills to create knots with deep meaning.  With the innovation of the 3D printing industry, he was able to realize his knot patterns in physical form.

Each piece is made by 3D printing a tangible model in casters’ wax.  The wax model is then used to make a plaster mold.  Next, the plaster mold is used to cast the piece from molten metal.  This technique allows for some very complex knot patterns to be realized in the physical world.  Having been cast as a single piece, also means the knots are truly infinite loops, with no seams – an otherwise impossible feat.

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Celtic Sailor Knot