Hearts of Healing

This time of year we reflect on Our Lord's miraculous birth and holy infancy.  The season ends with the feast of Candlemas which has many liturgical significances, one being the special blessing that occurs over candles on this day.  This blessing over the candles is different than on any other day of the year.  The bees are actually mentioned during the blessing itself, "...and by your command caused the labor of bees to be revealed in the perfection of wax." This is why beeswax candles are required.   Any of the beeswax candles that you are going to use for devotionals throughout the year are appropriate to have blessed on this day: candles for the home altar, advent candles, sickcall candles, baptismal candles, candles to be lit after dusk on All Saints day or during threatening storms or illness.  Learn more about this ancient feast here.

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