Fulton Sheen Watercolour Quote

Created by Martha and Mary's Workshop



Watercolour border surrounding this lovely prayer by Blessed Fulton Sheen!


A shortened version of the prayer after Communion by Blessed Fulton Sheen, a wonderful way to help you remember to give your day to God and add to your home decor!

Perfect for housewarming gifts, birthdays, or confirmations!

The sunflower borders are all hand painted with watercolours.

Can be customized to different sizes:

4 x 6

5 x 7

8 x 10



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Message Martha and Mary's Workshop

Bernadette and Theresa are sisters who are hoping to inspire others to pray more, through custom made rosary bracelets and home décor. Theresa’s husband, Kevin, is the mastermind behind the woodworking pieces in this store!

Fulton Sheen Watercolour Quote